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PECRON E3000 (E3000)

2000W (4,000W surge) pure sine wave inverter. Lithium-ion Battery with 1,000+ Life Cycles to 80%



2000W Output Power. UPS Function
2000W (4,000W surge) pure sine wave inverter. Lithium-ion Battery with 1,000+ Life Cycles to 80%
3108Wh Massive Capacity:
With 3108Wh of battery storage packed at its core, E3000 is capable of providing enough juice to power all your needs at home and outdoor.
Max 1300W Charging, Lightning Fast:
2* GX16MF ports(600W) and 1* DC5521 port(100W).
DC5521:  Voc 12V~18V / 100W Max /7A Max
2*GX16MF: Voc 32V~95V / 600W Max / 15A Max
1200W solar panels input: 2~3 hours can be juiced up.
If using 2 AC adapter chargers: 1.5-2 hours.
All-Around Capability:
It can be widely used in the field of mobile working, outdoor recreation, camping, rescuing, environment protection, emergency communication, power outage backup and so on.
Environmentally Friendly:
Not only will this allow you to contribute to the environment by harnessing clean and free solar energy, but it will help cut down your electricity bill all year long! 
Key Features:
Pecron E3000 with 3108Wh battery capacity, 2000 wattage capacity (surge 4000W), E3000 is capable of running most home essentials for hours or even days at a single charge. 
3108Wh Large Capacity
2.5~3 Hours Super-Fast Charging (2 chargers)
1300W Max Solar Charging
2000W Rated Pure Sine Wave Inverter (Surge 4000W)
16 Versatile Output
Lithium-ion Battery with 1000+ Life Cycles to 80%
15W Wireless Charger
1200W Solar Charging (Picture 17):
1200W Max input (0-100% in 3-4H) 
800W Solar input (0-100% in 5-6H) 
400W Solar input (0-100% in 11-12H) 
Supports MC4 type solar panels
     Voc 12V~18V / 100W Max /7A Max.
2 x Voc 32V~95V / 600W Max / 15A Max
Charging Type: AC Charging/ Solar Charging/ Car Charging/ Hybrid Charging
AC Output: AC120V/60Hz Pure Sine Wave
PV Input: 12~18V-100W(Max). 32~95V--600W(Max)*2
Car Input:   DC 12~18V--100W(Max)
Adapter Input: 42V
Rated Power: 2000W (Peak Power 4000W)
DC Output: 12V Regulated Cigarette Lighter; 12V(5.5mm) DC Socket*x2; USB-C: PD100W x 1; USB-C: 18W x 1; USB-A: 18W x 1; 5V2A x 3;
15W Wireless Charger
Charge Controller: Three MPPT
What Will E3000 Power?
Whether you need to keep your electronic devices functioning on a weekend camping trip or are looking for an emergency power supply for use at home, E3000 is capable of providing days of extra juice wherever and whenever you need it.



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